Why “Thriving”

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IMG_0253For my lifetime I have been a student of the how’s and whys of human experience — particularly with regard to surviving and suffering.  Most of my adult life I have been a practicing psychotherapist, highly trained and highly skilled.  I have been “a seeker” spiritually routed in Christianity and drawn to mysticism.  While working with people to promote healing and improve coping/functioning/health, I have come to see that there are limits in this endeavor. I have come to recognize that we are capable of amazing creativity and that what limits us often is our individual or collective beliefs. Here I pursue the greatest, the most, the inspired life expressions.  I believe that others’ experiences of inspired living inspire me and know this to be true in my work. So here I engage freely with other people to understand what compels, promotes and begets thriving.

For the very concept of ‘thriving’ I acknowledge and thank Esther and Jerry Hicks who engage the teachings of “Abraham” (Abraham_Hicks.com).  While I have learned much from these teachings, which interacts with other studies — philosophical, psychological, spiritual and metaphysical — I am curious and interested in engaging others who are interested in thriving, in living the inspired life, to share their experiences and stories. I believe this sharing offers us all catalyst for our own personal journeys in growing to be our best selves and living our best lives (however we perceive that to be).

Where there is a problem there is a solution.  I have spent much time in my life focused in a way that I now recognize is off and perpetuates discomfort, distress and misinformation.  That is by focusing on understanding the problem and all of its various aspects.  I didn’t recognize how much this endeavor grows, perpetuates and even creates the problems.  I am now interested in focusing on the solutions others and myself create through inspired thought.  Living this focus, this inspired path is thriving to me.  I engage in this endeavor to inspire and be inspired.  Will you join me?

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