Describe and explain experiences, in which you thrive.

From time to time we interview people about what makes them “thrive.” These are some of those interviews.


I am where I am today because, well first, I was raised a poor boy from the south. Every year the company my mother worked for (Firestone) ran a worldwide contest to pick a young person to give a full college scholarship. It required recommendations from community members, having an intelligence test and then the young person who wins gets a full scholarship to college, wherever you want to go. In 1925, I didn't expect to even go to college but got a letter that March congratulating me on being the winner. Before that I was in a small school, I was the college football captain and I was the class poet. I went to college initially to become a teacher and a coach. My Dad suggested medical school and I looked close to home for a program that could be completed relatively quickly. I had just gotten married and my wife supported me through it. The day I got accepted to medical school I also got a letter inviting me to coach at the school of my choice.


After I retired, I keep working for a while editing science journals and teaching. Eventually, I started taking art classes and participated in juried art events. I joined an art studio and have gotten to meet and interact with all kinds of interesting people. Traveling all over the world has given me experiences in thriving. Learning the languages and traveling in different places, the desert, Asia, Europe has been energizing.


I believe as a human being we experience things that are meant to be that make us stronger, that make us happier. . . My experience with my abusive husband for example. It gave me a chance to recover that young girl in me who is happy and spunky. My being spiritual, being an inspiration to my children and grandchildren who admire me. It is so joyful for me to be able to pull from my life lessons and help my family members to feel joyful. I've learned to accept people's praise and appreciation.

Glynda Sue

I've always believed that the best is going to happen. God is right here. If I want something I know it's going to happen. Working and building the businesses I've had. Helping women be healthy, eat better and be fit. It took me 2 years to get over my 3rd husband who I thought was so compatible because we were both in the same business but he ran off with a younger woman. I was able to get her back and that was about the time I got over him.


I thrive with people. Parea (Greek for gathering or keeping company with people). It takes so little to make someone feel good. It makes me feel good to make someone feel good. I get excited about someone else's joy.