Thriving in the Carolinas – Relocation & Transition

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by Cynthia Hazen

We have spent the summer transitioning our home from Raleigh, NC to Aiken, SC.  In so doing we are settling into a smaller town lifestyle for this next phase of life.  We are now able to expand our exploration of thriving, our sense of home and community to ‘the Carolinas’ , both north and south. While expecting to be in Raleigh quarterly to meet with clients, see our friends and attend to our business, we are also exploring thriving in Aiken, SC.  The local community is welcoming and we appreciate what we have playfully come to refer to as our “wow house”.  It is convenient to town and yet nestled in the woods and surrounded by a golfing community.  The move has engaged my thoughts on the process involved in making transition, realizing dreams and actualizing desires.

Thriving can be understood as living into ones dreams.  Doing so still engages stress as all the moving parts entail uncertainties, layers of decisions and a magnitude of sheer tasks to navigate the execution of the changes.  Now that I am focused on understanding how people thrive, I recognize and understand ‘symptoms’ in a different way. Certainly symptoms express our ‘dis’ease as we may become unseated or lose connection to our center while executing massive change.  However, they also exquisitely express nuances of our internal process in doing so.  In my case, now that we have moved to SC, unpacked, shopped and cleaned and have closed on the sale of our Raleigh home I have let down into a doozy of a cold.  Colds are often my way of letting go in periods of stress.

A cold physically expresses so many my feelings.  The congestion and heaviness of transitioning conveyed in my sinuses.  My runny eyes and tearfulness expressing my sadness and loss as I let go of what was into what is.  The fatigue symptom emerges as I finally let myself rest.  I am reminded of how we are integrated from one level to another in our various human systems, in this case emotions are mirrored physically.  For me these symptoms are optimal in engaging me to stop and regroup and to give myself permission to heal, to feel and to understand.  So, in that sense I am grateful.  I would contend that thriving entails embracing what is and being enthusiastic about what is forthcoming.  I am excited about what is ahead after taking a deep rest.

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