Hourly Consultations

» Consultations are available for individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations toward enhancing growth and development. Used for determining personal, interpersonal, couples, family and/or organizational pattern(s) to modify or optimize and methods for so doing.

Coffee Tune-Ups

» Brief meetings over coffee (or tea or water or not) for tuning up the path you are on.

Wellness Walks

 » Longer conversations for considering personal choices and pathways of thriving.

Seminars with Dr. Hazen & Dr. Stratas

» More information coming soon.

Dinner with Thriving Individuals/Couples

» A series of 4 dinner seminar meetings. We will share good food, good company and good conversation.  We will explore and expand and share about thriving physically, fiscally, relationally and spiritually with other individuals/couples.
Please note: These services are not medical services nor are they intended to be medical advice nor to replace services from your physician.