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Why is thriving important to you?
Its the core of my being. You don't have to think about it. Joy is foremost. Keeps problems in perspective.


What does thriving mean to you?
Surviving is the first thing that came to mind because I think thriving is surviving. Thriving is nourishing, cultivating oneself. . . I really don't know. Knowing that things go as they should. Getting excited about the little things.


How do you know when you are thriving?
I don't analyze it. You feel life is good and you relish life. In touch with 'life is just a big joy.' Having a grateful heart. Knowing the beauty of now.


Describe and explain, experiences, in which you thrive.
I thrive with people. Parea (Greek for gathering or keeping company with people). It takes so little to make someone feel good. It makes me feel good to make someone feel good. I get excited about someone else's joy.


In what aspects of your life are you thriving?
Everywhere because I don't think of anybody else as better than me but I don't think of myself as better than anybody else either. Your weakest points are your biggest assets. I can always find ways to connect to people. If I met the king of England I would find a way to connect to him. You know, he has a wife and children. There would be something. He's no different than I am.