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This is a woman, now a retired banker, a mother and grandmother with an indomitable spirit who survived an abusive marriage the leaving of which allowed her to regain her thriving spirit.

What does thriving mean to you?
Prioritizing my self and my own happiness after having a breakdown that helped me get out of an abusive relationship. Being able to step away from people and situations that are hurtful. Valuing myself. To be the kind of person I've always wanted to be. Being able to be very independent is important to my thriving.


How do you know when you are thriving?
A feeling of accomplishment. I'm healthy and happy for my age. I never payed much attention before getting bad blood work results a year back. At this point I eat great and exercise and my blood work is great now. I'm very spiritual and I know I have a personal angel. I feel connected to the angels and my mother who has died. People who know me in my life and tell me all the time now how much I am thriving and how inspiring that is for them.


Describe and explain, experiences, in which you thrive.
I believe as a human being we experience things that are meant to be that make us stronger, that make us happier. . . My experience with my abusive husband for example. It gave me a chance to recover that young girl in me who is happy and spunky. My being spiritual, being an inspiration to my children and grandchildren who admire me. It is so joyful for me to be able to pull from my life lessons and help my family members to feel joyful. I've learned to accept people's praise and appreciation.


In what aspects of your life are you thriving?
Being able to be more interactive with my sister who is in her 60s and is both mentally and physically challenged. My thriving has been helping her to thrive.


Who would you identify as thriving?
My daughters.