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This is a 90-something self identified old crone who thrives in translating the Kabbalah in Christian context.  She is a mento and mystic in my experience, a wife, mother and grandmother to her family, and teacher to her many students.  She is here now to enjoy the flavor of the earth and the beauty that surrounds us, being her now to bring in the energy of Spirit.

Is thriving important to you?

 “Absolutely, I don’t want to stay on the earth plane if I can’t thrive here.  That’s what living is about. . . If I fall into a dull, dreary, life then it’s time to depart, to go to a higher calling.  I do believe that we decide when to leave the earth plane.”

Can you tell me what thriving is for you?

“Well I think if you’re not enjoying anything, if you are not singing and dancing and laughing and having fun with Spirit than you’re not thriving any longer.  That’s what I think.”

What is important to your thriving?

“Growing up in a sacred context with fundamentalist Christian parents. . . I have always been seeking and developing my relationship with God. . . My relationship with God has matured from child to adolescent to friend to that of lover of Spirit that surrounds me. . .  I became acquainted with new age thought.  Nutrition, vitamins and whole foods is the way the new age started because the body is the thing that we have manifested that talks to us and has to be nourished.  After learning about the nutrition I learned more about the mystical which opened my eyes to the complexity of the spirit world, how complex the universe is.”

How do you know when you are thriving?

“I always use the test of the gift of Spirit.  You are filled with peace and joy and hope and patience, long suffering.  These are gifts, grace given by Spirit.  When you are seeking a door opens.  We need to get to another level, have another view.  When we are on path, through hard work, we are filled with great joy.”

Are there places you struggle with thriving?

“I have a lot of trouble with envy. . . When I came to understand that we are all a part of the great potential it gives me relief. . . I think I have a tendency to say yes when I want to say no. . . When I do, I find no joy in what I am doing.  In these cases I give myself rheumatoid arthritis episodes.  In this way I am a Christian Scientist as I do believe I manifest my own reality.  Pain is sometimes necessary.  It tells us we have to change.

Is there anything more you want to say, that you think is missing?

“There is just no telling what Spirit will bring.  Sometimes there are tests and gifts.  Life is an adventure.  I think the human race is slowly, slowly awakening.”