Creeds and Credo

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Both Dr. Stratas and I have enjoyed the exercise of composing personal creeds.  This is a statement of personal deeply held beliefs that guide our life choices.  These beliefs are subject to change upon revisitation as each of us mature, explore and come to new understandings philosophically and spiritually.  I invite you into this exercise.  What do you believe??

I believe in eternal life, forever expanding, expressing and re-expressing.

I believe life is love and love is God.

I believe to feel love is to wholly experience God.

I believe to love is to express God.

I believe through God we create our heaven.

I believe our hell is an expression of disconnecting consciousness, of focussing away from God (our well).  It is delusion, merely a misunderstanding.

Each of us has also crafted a personal credo, a sort of mission statement if you will.  Similar to the creed it is something worth revisiting and redrafting with changing views and understandings.  At this point my credo is:

I live fully to laugh, to explore the world(s), to play in the worlds of my creative choice, to express my freedom, my growth, my joy, to decide, to love with my whole self.

What do you live for?

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