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Woody Woody is 50 year old surgeon who is retired from his private practice and still doing contract and volunteer medical work. He is in a long term marriage with grandchildren he enjoys. He is very active, traveling, flying, enjoying … Continued


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This woman is an 88 year old retired scientist and academic who has inspired her students, mentored many women in the sciences, and has become an accomplished artist. She has been a particular inspiration to her adopted daughter. Why is … Continued


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This is a colleague, a former ball player and coach who became a successful psychiatrist now retired. He identifies thriving as commensurate with being fortunate, reaching goals and having further goals. Thriving and success are interactive for Bob who clarifies … Continued


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This is a woman, now a retired banker, a mother and grandmother with an indomitable spirit who survived an abusive marriage the leaving of which allowed her to regain her thriving spirit. What does thriving mean to you? Prioritizing my … Continued