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This is a colleague, a former ball player and coach who became a successful psychiatrist now retired. He identifies thriving as commensurate with being fortunate, reaching goals and having further goals. Thriving and success are interactive for Bob who clarifies that these goals are individually defined. Both Bob and his wife are generous and make contributions to the community behind the scene and in conjunction with others that are in the spotlight.

Why is thriving important to you?
I think its important. I feel fortunate. I think its important that you have family and friends. Its an important part of my thriving.


What does thriving mean to you?
A degree of happiness and satisfaction. Doing reasonably well. Reaching some goals. Liking the place you're in. Still having some goals and being able to look forward to the future and not thinking its complete. I think of thriving as being fortunate. Being lucky, being healthy, and hard work are part of being fortunate, of thriving.
How do you know when you are thriving?
Feeling fortunate. I don't think we are always thriving. Having things happen for you that you expect is fortunate. We don't always have control over it. Grateful is a response to being fortunate.


Describe and explain, experiences, in which you thrive.
I am where I am today because, well first, I was raised a poor boy from the south. Every year the company my mother worked for (Firestone) ran a worldwide contest to pick a young person to give a full college scholarship. It required recommendations from community members, having an intelligence test and then the young person who wins gets a full scholarship to college, wherever you want to go. In 1925, I didn't expect to even go to college but got a letter that March congratulating me on being the winner. Before that I was in a small school, I was the college football captain and I was the class poet. I went to college initially to become a teacher and a coach. My Dad suggested medical school and I looked close to home for a program that could be completed relatively quickly. I had just gotten married and my wife supported me through it. The day I got accepted to medical school I also got a letter inviting me to coach at the school of my choice.


In what aspects of your life are you thriving?
I have enough finances to do what I want to do. I and my immediate family members are healthy. If those things are in order I feel that I'm thriving. I'm doing what it is I want to do. That's important for thriving. Having some things available that if I'm willing to make the effort I'd do. If I hadn't done what I'd done I might have been a writer. I've always been into sports and was a tennis player but am an avid golfer now.


Who would you identify as thriving?
I see one of my neighbors as thriving. He is a nice person. He has had some challenges. His wife died years ago and he later remarried and they seem to be doing well. He is very religious and involved in helping people.