Relationships Are Inside

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by Nicholas E Stratas As we live and experience life, events thoughts and feelings are recorded inside and forever, barring physical damage to our Nervous System. These events, sometimes simple sometimes extremely complex, come together inside and become connected to … Continued

Balanced Self Management

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by Nicholas E Stratas This from my article, Inner Peace: “To reclaim inner peace requires balanced self management – self-awareness of personal flow, personal knowledge and self awareness, appropriate nutrition including medications and supplements, regular vigorous activity, relaxation, centering, meditation, … Continued

Nicholas Stratas – The Human GPS

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In a conversation recently with my good friend Doctor Assad Meymandi I used a more au courante phrase to communicate about an experience, concept and belief I have spoken to him about and have been using for decades. This time he heard it and as we parted he said “today I have learned internal GPS”.