Adult Tasks Of Living

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Thoughts regarding one’s make-up, self-management and dealings with the world. I build upon my systemic view of the human system with characteristics: open, goal oriented, inner directed, feeling, thinking, behaving, and self and surroundings monitoring, expanded in another note.  Also maturing … Continued

A General Systems Approach

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General systems theory is at the same time several decades old and yet to many people a new way of thinking.  Ludwig Bertalanffy published his book General Systems Theory in 1968.  J. G. Miller wrote “The Nature of Living Systems” in 1975.  I … Continued

Humility, Forgiveness, Gratitude

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We are all born with different attributes. This is clear even at birth where we see infants who are highly active and others who are quiet, infants who are highly assertive while others are compliant, still others irritated and others … Continued

Everything Is Inside

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When we are conceived everything is inside. It is like the seed for a plant. We put the seed in the ground – give it light and water (in quantity appropriate to each seed) and it begins its unfolding to … Continued