You Are the Magic Wand!

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“How I Want To Be” Nicholas E. Stratas We are inner and goal directed, feel, think, behave. I started my seeing patients in 1960 focusing on the issue/problem the patient brought. The practice of medicine focuses on “presenting problems”. I … Continued

When Love Hurts

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by Nicholas E. Stratas This time of the year much is written and spoken of pain and grief. Also much is written and spoken of love and joy. These are not opposite experiences. They are aspects of our panoply of … Continued


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by Nicholas E Stratas “Aliveness”, “being alive” is necessary for a comfortable and maturing adult. I use aliveness here in its broadest sense – energy, excitement, arousal, direction, sensuousness, personal awareness, intimacy. This is an inner experience. Sigmund Freud used … Continued