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This woman is an 88 year old retired scientist and academic who has inspired her students, mentored many women in the sciences, and has become an accomplished artist. She has been a particular inspiration to her adopted daughter.

Why is thriving important to you?
Who wants to not do well? That's why I had my ankle replaced, my shoulder replaced. I just try to keep myself going. Its lively. It's what makes you want to live. It's being upbeat. Who doesn't want to be upbeat.


What does thriving mean to you?
Doing well. Being healthy. If you want to do well (thrive), after a certain point in life, you have to keep working at it, exercising and stuff like that. And also your head, you have to keep exercising your head. I do puzzles, I read, I work out and walk and go to the gym. I try to get around people who are talking about interesting things. Following one's own inspired path - whatever makes you happy. You know it when you see it. Some people are just more alive. Feeling to be a part of life energy that's all around us, I feel a connection to this life energy that is all around.


How do you know when you are thriving?
If I have energy. I feel good. I don't feel good if I don't have energy. Feeling up is thriving for me.


Describe and explain, experiences, in which you thrive.
After I retired, I keep working for a while editing science journals and teaching. Eventually, I started taking art classes and participated in juried art events. I joined an art studio and have gotten to meet and interact with all kinds of interesting people. Traveling all over the world has given me experiences in thriving. Learning the languages and traveling in different places, the desert, Asia, Europe has been energizing.


In what aspects of your life are you thriving?
As a child I thrived and was happy but when I was young and had small children we lived in a small town and it wasn't particularly stimulated. When we moved and I got to working, being professor in math and science, I started thriving again. I like to be stimulated.


Who would you identify as thriving?
There is a fellow who wonders in this neighborhood, who does odd jobs and stuff for people around here and earns a little money which he spends on alcohol and cigarettes. In his own way he is thriving.