We want to engage people in sharing personal experiences and perceptions of thriving.  It is our belief that by sharing these experiences we expand them for ourselves.  We are moved and inspired by seeing and hearing the experiences of others.  This is an opportunity to participate in a momentum of continually growing understandings of what it is to thrive.

We are researching and engaging in promoting the experiences people have of thriving.  We are interviewing people who are thriving.  We ask anyone who is inspired by the concept to participate in answering the questions asked here.  We are creating opportunities for people to gather as individuals or couples to share these experiences with one another in 4 session dinner seminars.  We are creating services to facilitate and promote personal thriving.

Please consider how you might want to participate.  What are your thoughts about these questions?  How do you thrive?

Latest Articles

  • Lessons form the Crone’s Perspective

    Our 60s and beyond offer rich perspective calling us into a deeper and more complex, textured and tempered life with age and experience. Experiences with death come with the territory. Grappling with our health and wellbeing is perhaps ever more … Continued

  • When Love Hurts

    by Nicholas E. Stratas

    This time of the year much is written and spoken of pain and grief. Also much is written and spoken of love and joy. These are not opposite experiences. They are aspects of our panoply of … Continued

  • Living and Dying

    by Cynthia Hazen

    Thriving in early and mid adult life entails the mastery of survival, finances, physical fitness, skills in affiliating and cooperative engagement with others which includes having and raising a family for many.  It also involves cultivating perspective … Continued

  • Aliveness

    by Nicholas E Stratas

    “Aliveness”, “being alive” is necessary for a comfortable and maturing adult. I use aliveness here in its broadest sense – energy, excitement, arousal, direction, sensuousness, personal awareness, intimacy. This is an inner experience. Sigmund Freud used … Continued


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